So, I am wondering…

Why do you want to learn Speed Optimization?

Tell me something.

You are in a restaurant and waiting for your food to be served.

But the restaurant people are delaying it. Would you get frustrated and impatient?

Tell me another thing.

You want to go somewhere, but your cab is not arriving on time.

Would you get frustrated and impatient?


Your website visitors will get equally impatient and frustrated if your website loads slowly.

And what do they do when they get impatient?

And what would happen if you lose your website visitors?

Also, Google knows when a visitor fastly drops from your website

So, they will punish your website’s SEO ranking by saying you’re failing core web vitals.

People are indeed facing nightmares because of this

For example, here are some project requests I got where clients were devastated by sudden traffic drops.

These problems are not easy to fix

  • Do you think you can fix these problems by following free resources online?
  • Speed and user experience are urgent problems that need fixing. If you don’t, your clients will lose business, and you’ll eventually lose them.

The Reward for improving the user experience of the website is at least $3000

  • As a Web Developer, you can make at least $3000 by improving the website’s effectiveness.
  • Not many people do this, so you will appear as a valuable and go-to person for your clients.
  • You can keep retaining clients by pointing more and more mistakes on their website and make more money.
  • As a Digital Marketer, you can make at least $3000 by improving the website’s effectiveness.
  • Whenever a client comes to you, you can point out mistakes that other people can not find and make a ton of money!
  • Crushing the competitors is a bonus.
  • As a business owner or blogger, you will make your website more user-friendly for your visitors.
  • This will result in more leads and then more sales for your products.
  • You are the most profitable person here when compared to a web developer or a Digital marketing agency.

I am here to help you achieve this reward 👇 

Do you want to learn real-world speed optimization and Core Web Vital techniques from a true WordPress expert?

From me?