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“Naresh is exceptionally talented and great at communicating during a project. He delivered exactly the work we needed for this project. Bravo, Naresh! We hope to work together again soon.”

Dayne Ford,

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28th March 2023

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

English Language

Naresh Devineni

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“Naresh is a master instructor when it comes to WordPress. He not only showed me how things work within the WordPress system but why. His training has allowed me to confidently start my website and to strategically think about future design. I’m so excited about my blog site! 10 out of 10!”

Bryon Williams,

An open letter to WordPress freelancers who are struggling to make money

Hey, fellow WordPress freelancer!

Are you struggling to find new clients and projects?

Do you feel like you’re stuck with no direction?

What if I told you that there is a repeatable way to get new clients and make 1000$ every month?

It is not easy. But it is definitely doable.

If you’re skilled and willing to put in hard work, you can consistently make more than that.

Been there. Done that.

I am currently making 4500$ per month.

But you know what?

I feel like your problem is not with making $1000 per month.

With a bit of marketing and WordPress skills, you could easily achieve that.

Your problem is not with finding international clients either.

Most Indian WordPress freelancers I interacted with just get stuck when it comes to asking for work from strangers.

You might be scared that you get rejected.

You might say that you’re an introvert.

Call it procrastination. Call it imposter syndrome. Call it ego.

Been there. Went through those emotions.

And it’s time to put an end to all those career-blocking internal talks.

For the next 30 days, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try new ways of reaching out to potential customers.

It’s time to break through the noise and showcase your skills and expertise to the world.

Alright, that line is a bit cheesy :D

Anyway, are you up for the challenge?

I believe in you and know that with a little effort and determination, you can achieve great things (not kidding).

Let’s make the next 30 days count and take your WordPress freelancing career to the next level!

Best regards,

Naresh Devineni

Here is what we will do during the 180 minutes live workshop

Find new clients

I will show you how to find clients who are in need of your help and who can pay you good money!

Pitch them for work

Then, I will show you how to approach them and ask for work without being pushy.

Rinse and Repeat

Finally, I will show you how to consistently perform the first two steps to reach our goal of $1000.

Bottom line is, by the end of this workshop, you’ll know what to do to get clients and money consistently.

Who should register for this workshop?

  • A freelancer who is struggling to find new clients and projects.
  • A freelancer who wants to work with international clients.
  • A freelancer who wants to start earning in dollars.
  • An employee who wants to make extra money using their skills.
  • A freelancer who has imposter syndrome that is stopping them from taking action.
  • A WordPress developer who is scared of getting rejected.

About Instructor

Heya, Welcome 👋🏼

This is Naresh, Founder of and a WordPress expert at Codeable.

As certified by Codeable, I officially belong to the top 1% of WordPress experts around the world. And the reason behind this is simple.

I love what I do.

If there is one thing I would do perfectly in this world, that is building a website with WordPress by writing a custom theme from scratch while maintaining high standards.

I started working on websites around 12 years ago and as I grew in my career, I became an expert in Javascript, UX design, and UI design.

Now, I have more than 85 clients from all over the world.

This also means that you are in really good hands. There is little to no room for imperfection.

I will see you inside!