Speed up your WordPress website over the weekend even if you are NOT a developer

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“Naresh is super detail-oriented when it comes to working with WordPress. He helped me speed up multiple sites and they are super performant. His ability to put things together is quick and amazing.”

Kunaal Naik, kunaalnaik.in

Live Workshop Details

15th July 2023 – 16th July 2023

Every day from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

English Language

You’ll get recordings if you can’t make it live

Naresh Devineni

Your Instructor

“Extremely easy to follow”

“Naresh is a master instructor”

Heylo 👋

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If you have checked ANY of the above boxes, don’t worry. This 2-day speed optimization workshop will help you solve all your problems and load your website faster than before 💖

What are you waiting for?

“Naresh is a master instructor when it comes to WordPress. He not only showed me how things work within the WordPress system but why. His training has allowed me to confidently start my website and to strategically think about future design. I’m so excited about my blog site! 10 out of 10!”

Bryon Williams, bryonknowsmovies.com

Here is what you’ll take away from the 2-day live workshop

Strong foundations

Understanding what makes a WordPress site load fast and what makes it slow.

Speed Optimization

Implement techniques that will improve page load speed even if you’re not a developer.

Best practices

Understand what it takes to consistently maintain improved page load times.

The 2-day Workshop Curriculum

We will do everything step by step with no steps skipped.

Module 1

Strong foundations

First, we will understand the science behind what makes a WordPress website slow or fast.

Key takeaways:

  • WordPress is fast by default
  • Poorly coded themes will make it slow
  • Bloated plugins will make it slow
  • We might not have to perform speed optimization.

Module 2

Moving to high-performance hosting

Next, we will understand the negative impact of shared hosting servers and the positive impact of managed WordPress hosting services on your website.

Along the way, we will also learn how to implement caching and CDN for your website.

Key Actions:

  • How to use free and premium plugins for caching
  • Migrating your website to a performant web host
  • Implementing a CDN
  • Why you should stay away from some specific reputed hosting companies
  • How to upgrade your PHP version while being careful

Module 3

Image optimization

Most website owners upload heavy images without realizing how they impact their websites negatively. We will fix that on Day 3.

Key Actions:

  • Understanding the display size for each image
  • My three-step process for compressing images manually
  • Best image compression plugin for WordPress
  • When to use manual compression vs automated compression

Module 4

Plugin Optimization

Most plugin developers follow bad coding practices and this results in slow and insecure websites.

So, we will learn how to find bad plugins installed on your website and how to find lightweight alternatives.

Key Actions:

  • Remove unnecessary plugins
  • How to test the performance of individual plugins
  • How to hire developers to replace bloated plugins with custom code.

Module 5

CSS and Javascript optimization

Removing bad plugins should make our job easier here but still, we need to look out for styles and scripts that are not relevant on a particular page and remove them.

Key Actions:

  • How to manage the loading of CSS and Javascript files
  • How to minify the CSS and Javascript files
  • How to combine CSS and Javascript files without causing browser console errors

Module 6

Database optimization

We will learn how to clean up unnecessary content and tables from the primary database.

Key Actions:

  • How to use PhpMyAdmin to remove unnecessary tables
  • How to use free and premium plugins to clean up the database

Module 7

How to maintain your optimized website

Performing optimizations is not enough. We should follow certain ground rules that will prevent your site from getting bloated again.

And we will learn how to do that during the last day of the workshop.

Key Actions:

  • How to review plugins before installing them
  • A reminder to compress images before uploading them
  • Doing database cleanups periodically

Customers will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

Google says the same thing

We all know that slow websites result in a potential decrease in conversions.

A lot of ad budget was wasted because people quickly drop from the slow experiences.

But as if it was not enough, Google has now started penalizing websites that are slow because they are not passing the “Core Web Vitals” test.

So, if we are not careful, our ad budget and organic traffic efforts will get wasted.

Now the problem is, for most website owners, it is hard to fix their slow website let alone pass the “Core Web Vitals” test.

It is not about setting up an optimization plugin and it magically does everything for you.

It is about having solid foundations and the right elements for your website.

It is about understanding what causes all these speed issues in the first place and then fixing them with a reliable solution.

This is where I come in and this 2-day live speed optimization workshop comes in.

During the live workshop, I want to share my knowledge and help you implement guaranteed solutions that will improve the speed and conversions of your website.

We get it: buying stuff from strangers on the internet is weird sometimes

So we’ve set up a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

If you sign up for “Speed up your WordPress website over the weekend” and — for any reason — it doesn’t meet your expectations, just shoot us an email and we’ll promptly refund you 100% of your purchase.

But we think you’re gonna love it. ;)

About Instructor

Heya, Welcome 👋🏼

This is Naresh, Founder of Minilessons.io and a WordPress expert at Codeable.

As certified by Codeable, I officially belong to the top 1% of WordPress experts around the world. And the reason behind this is simple.

I love what I do.

If there is one thing I would do perfectly in this world, that is building a website with WordPress by writing a custom theme from scratch while maintaining high standards.

I started working on websites around 12 years ago and as I grew in my career, I became an expert in Javascript, UX design, and UI design.

Now, I have more than 85 clients from all over the world.

This also means that you are in really good hands. There is little to no room for imperfection.

I will see you inside!

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